Water treatment

Important for the environment and your budget

Ever stricter environmental regulations and the rising costs of fresh and waste water make efficient treatment indispensable. Such systems are already integrated in many modern systems. In mechanical processes, the dirt is flocculated or precipitated with appropriate additives. After settling, it can be easily removed by filtration or by subsequent skimming after suspension with tiny air bubbles. Disinfectants prevent the formation of putrefaction and odours caused by germs.

The Dr.Stöcker tip: The cost of wastewater treatment can be reduced considerably. The better your system utilises the cleaning chemicals used, the less they pollute the water. According to the principle “as much as necessary, but as little as possible”, the Dr.Stöcker adjustment and dosing service will help you to find the optimum setting for the best possible cleaning effect.

The advantages of Dr.Stöcker

  • Highly effective products
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Polymers in Dr.Stöcker flocculants form larger flocs with higher dirt binding capacity
  • Process water analysis directly on site with the Dr.Stöcker MobiLab


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