Windscreen cleaner

Dr.Stöcker – Only the best for the windscreen wiper system

Dr Stöcker has a wide range of windscreen cleaner products for use in summer and winter.

From highly effective concentrate qualities to ready-to-use mixtures with specific features such as windscreen sealant with lotus effect.

Our expertise in supplying strong brands is strengthened by continuous recipe optimisation. Our main focus is on the conscious use of sustainable raw materials, packaging, cardboard packaging, labels, etc.

In product development, we orientate ourselves towards customer expectations in the respective market segments. For customers from the automotive and mineral oil sectors in particular, we develop products that meet specifications and impress with PREMIUM performance – supported by renowned service providers (DEKRA etc.), who meticulously check specific product features and issue certificates for services rendered.

  • Top cleaning performance
  • Comprehensive material compatibility
  • Suitable for fan nozzles and polycarbonate
  • Prevention of re-icing
  • Prevention of nozzle clogging thanks to anti-limescale formula
  • vegan certified

Vegan certified windscreen cleaner – without compromise

Dr.Stöcker’s windscreen cleaning products have received the coveted certification from

Without animal ingredients: The vegan windscreen cleaners do not contain any animal ingredients. This award demonstrates the company’s unreserved commitment to an animal-friendly lifestyle.

Animal-free: Dr.Stöcker sets a clear signal against animal testing. None of the windscreen cleaners have been tested on animals, underlining our commitment to ethical manufacturing and safety.

Performance without compromise: The windscreen cleaners for the windscreen washer system stand for maximum performance without compromise. No compromises have been made in terms of cleaning, functionality and care performance. Our vegan products offer you the professional quality you expect from Dr.Stöcker, coupled with the reassurance that you are making an ethically sound choice.


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