The right combination of washing system and cleaning agent optimises the washing results

The dirt already loosened during the pre-wash is completely encapsulated and removed during the wash. The shampoo fulfils two tasks at the same time: on the one hand, the vehicle is cleaned and, on the other, the washing materials are kept clean and their wear is reduced. The right amount of water is important here so that the dirt can be removed and nothing remains on the paintwork.

The Dr.Stöcker tip: The correct coordination of car wash system and cleaning agent optimises the washing results, reduces the wear on your system and the consumption of cleaning chemicals. Use the free Dr.Stöcker adjustment and dosing service and save money.


The advantages of Dr.Stöcker

  • High dirt-carrying capacity
  • Keeps all washing materials clean and extends their service life
  • Surfactants are biodegradable and fulfil EC Regulation 648/2004 on detergents
  • Guaranteed compliance with waste water limits when used in accordance with regulations


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