Self-Service Products

Impressive “aha” experiences with innovative self-service washing and care products

Dr.Stöcker products are characterized by their extremely fast action, pleasant fragrance and excellent material compatibility to give your self-service system outstanding quality.

Extremely fast action: The highly effective formulas of our products guarantee efficient cleaning and care in record time. This allows you to offer your customers a fast and effective result in vehicle care.


Pleasant fragrance: Enjoy a refreshing fragrance during the washing process, which not only pleasantly revitalizes the vehicle but also the entire environment. Our products leave a long-lasting, pleasant scent.

Outstanding material compatibility: Dr.Stöcker attaches great importance to the compatibility of our products with various materials. Our self-service washing and care products are gentle on paintwork, plastic and other surfaces to ensure long-term value retention.

Increase the satisfaction of your customers and rely on the proven quality of Dr. Stöcker. Discover the world of self-service car wash and care products and give your self-service car wash that little bit extra.



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