Production, filling & packaging

Competence and professionalism through experience

We produce and fill your recipe formulations on modern equipment – in an explosion-proof environment, in accordance with current chemical industry legislation.

Many years of experience in manufacturing, filling and packaging a wide range of products in a wide variety of packaging materials and container sizes have enabled us to continuously refine our expertise and know-how in manufacturing processes and filling techniques. Our continuous expansion of capacities forms the basis for organic growth in new business areas.

Quality management in production and filling processes

As a certified company, quality monitoring of processes with batch traceability is part of everyday life. Regular internal and external audits ensure consistently high product quality and efficiency by implementing the strict quality management requirements of the automotive industry and its system suppliers.

Flexibility in batch size and container variation

Our technical equipment enables the filling of various viscosity levels in a wide range of materials, sizes and shapes of containers: from 30 ml to IBCs or trucks, from labelable stand-up pouches made of mono-material to impregnated cloth material and tire filling systems, many things are possible. Even smaller batch sizes are not a restriction – they are also subject to strict compliance with quality assurance measures.

Set assembly

We make suggestions on how you can score points at the POS with a supplementary range of incentives and attractive promotional packs.

An extended range of care sets, geared to vehicle classes and types, reinforces your expertise, inspires and thus retains customers

  • as a preferred gift when purchasing a new or used vehicle,
  • as an all-round care package in the sales offer,
  • as a bonus after a workshop appointment
  • or on other occasions.

We assemble bags, toiletry bags, buckets etc. with products of your choice and accessories. We also take care of the disposition of all individual parts for you. We present you with options for outer packaging using various cardboard boxes, displays etc. as well as a pallet scheme tailored to your needs. Contract manufacturing and bulk production complement the breadth and specialization of our options.