Brilliant protection

Preservation turns car washing into car care. With Dr.Stöcker’s preservatives, paint care becomes the shiniest result your customers could wish for their car. Plus optimised drying and paint surfaces that are perfectly protected against damage caused by environmental influences.

Dr Stöcker’s tip: For maximum customer satisfaction, the gloss of the preservation should remain visible for as long as possible. It is therefore worth using a high-quality preservative and not skimping on the dosage. If too little is used, the water will soon stop running off and the shine will fade. The Dr.Stöcker sales force will be happy to advise you in detail.

The advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Convincing washing result
  • Outstanding “like new” shine effect
  • Extremely dense surface sealing
  • Perfect protection against road dirt, bird droppings, tree resin and insect residues
  • Colour refreshment through targeted light refraction
  • Guaranteed compliance with waste water limits when used in accordance with regulations


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