Drying agents

High-quality drying agents

Without a high-quality drying aid, even the best blower will not achieve optimum results. The secret of our visible performance improvements is based on state-of-the-art micro-emulsion technology and the use of powerful active components. These active components spontaneously break up the water film over a large area and allow almost all of the water to run off before the blower is used. This allows you to achieve perfectly dried vehicles even at high belt speeds.

The Dr.Stöcker tip: Dissatisfied customers repeatedly complain about poor drying, as residual water dries up with its ingredients and leads to unwanted stains. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by using a high-quality dryer. Take advantage of the free Dr.Stöcker adjustment & dosing service: Our competent professionals combine your system and our products on site to create a quality-optimised whole at the highest level.

The advantages with Dr.Stöcker

  • Fast and large-area tear-up with all water hardnesses
  • Special gloss effect by strengthening the water-repellent film
  • Reliable – even with fast portal systems and car washes
  • All dryers fulfil the criteria of VDA class A
  • Guaranteed compliance with waste water limits when used in accordance with regulations


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