Research & development and product management

Product Development

This area is the think tank at Dr.Stöcker. New products are developed here that meet the increasing need for care, cleanliness and value retention. Existing formulations are constantly optimized and checked to see whether they meet sustainability requirements. Ecological and toxicological criteria are already taken into account when selecting raw materials. We adapt them to legal regulations and commission external institutes to carry out tests in addition to our own quality assurance.

New techniques for production, packaging and application are also developed here. On request, we provide product samples for testing. Dr.Stöcker has a specialized product portfolio for various market segments. We are therefore familiar with the individual requirements of the OEM sector, but also develop products for customers with exclusive requirements.

Sensitive surface structures of wood, metal, plastic, types of leather, glass, textiles, aluminum, carbon, paint, etc. require products tailored to them. As a creative and innovative development partner for products with different viscosities, we also take on development projects with the necessary requirements in terms of properties and application.

Global Inventories

  • Recipe maintenance, i.e. adaptation of recipes in the event of changes to raw materials
  • Regular updates regarding international classification, labeling and registration of safety-relevant data
  • Safety documentation


  • Guarantee of consistent quality through our own test laboratory
  • Production and analysis of product samples on customer request
  • Examination and evaluation of reference products
  • Issue of certificates/appraisals by renowned testing institutes