Facility and machine cleaners

You sell cleanliness and care to your customers, which is why a well-maintained system is particularly important. There are acidic or alkaline cleaners for every area of application and every type of dirt. You can use them to easily remove limescale deposits and greasy or oily coarse dirt from tiles, gates, window surfaces, floors and, above all, machines. As with the vehicle, the cleaned surfaces should then be sealed with suitable care products. This increases the service life of your system and delays re-soiling.

The Dr.Stöcker tip: You should not underestimate the loss of turnover due to an unkempt appearance of the hall and plant. Here, too, cleanliness is an important success factor for you; apart from this, regular all-round care makes a decisive contribution to maintaining value. Dr.Stöcker offers a cost-effective full service for professional cleaning of your facilities by experts.

The advantages of Dr.Stöcker

  • The right cleaner for every type of soiling, acidic or alkaline
  • Favourable cleaning products
  • All products are harmless to health when used correctly
  • Application advice from our field service
  • Cost-effective Dr.Stöcker offer: professional system cleaning by experts
  • Guaranteed compliance with waste water limits when used in accordance with regulations


Our product range