Our corporate principles at Dr.Stöcker

We treat
all people around the world with fairness and respect, because we believe in the inviolable dignity and value of all people.

We act
in accordance with the law, sustainably and do not aim for short-term success.

We operate
in harmony with our environment in the best possible way and thus make a decisive contribution to its protection and preservation.

We promise
our customers only what we can actually deliver through quality decisions.

We guarantee
that our customers can trust us at all times.

We monitor
the market constantly so that we can react quickly to changing conditions with new products and ideas.

We improve
our products and services continuously.


We strengthen
awareness of safety and the environment among our employees and raise awareness of the potential environmental impact of our products and the operation of our facilities.

We increase
the satisfaction of our employees by involving them in the planning of their activities.

We develop
goals with all employees on a regular basis and monitor their achievement.

We improve
the qualifications of our employees on an ongoing basis and train them as planned so that they can make their contribution.

We provide
the necessary resources to eliminate the causes of errors.

We work
only with suppliers who prove to be reliable and who also see us as partners by sharing our values.