Car Wash chemicals in sustainable advantage packs

More and more people are becoming more environmentally aware and are adapting their purchasing decisions accordingly. Consumers are focussing on reducing plastic packaging. This social change does not stop at car washes!

Dr.Stöcker now offers you a sustainable alternative to the conventional 25 litre canister with the innovative Bag-in-Box. This is a sturdy outer carton made of environmentally friendly cardboard and a 20 litre foil bag inside, which, in addition to the ecological aspect and the image gain as a sustainable car wash, also has other purely practical advantages:

90 % less plastic
Compared to the 25-litre canister, the 20-litre foil bag in the outer carton of the “Bag-in-Box” is made of 90%* less plastic. This not only reduces climate-damaging CO2 emissions during plastic production, but also during transport. It also produces less waste that ends up as microplastics in our environment.

Lower weight and easier handling
The practical handle cut-outs in the noticeably lighter bag-in-box make the chemical containers ergonomically easier to carry. As they also do not draw air, there is no annoying gurgling and the chemicals can be poured out quickly and without spilling, for example into the Dr.Stöcker storage containers. Even more user-friendly: use our clever wall-mounted holding and dispensing system! See picture.

Space saving and easier disposal
With the sustainable Bag-in-Box, there is no need to store empty canisters until collection.
The cardboard outer box can simply be folded up and disposed of with the paper waste. The empty, flat film bags are collected in special bags or bins until collection. These take up only a fraction of the usual storage space for empty canisters. This also reduces the collection intervals by the waste disposal company.

New customer potential through improved image
By switching to our sustainable advantage container Bag-in-Box, you show (e.g. with a banner from Dr.Stöcker’s range of advertising materials) that you have recognised the spirit of the times and are proactively committed to the environment. This not only generates more sales with your regular customers, but also opens up new customer potential.

The clever wall-mounted holding and dosing system

We have developed a professional wall-mounted holding and dosing system with numerous advantages for anyone who does not want to transfer their washing chemicals into storage containers by hand:

Visual fill level indicator
You can’t see the level of the washing chemicals in the bag-in-box! Don’t worry, the transparent riser tube on the side shows the fill level of the Bag-in-Box.

EasyClick connection
A self-closing EasyClick connection is screwed onto the spout of the Bag-in-Box. This allows the box to be connected with a “click” to the EasyClick coupling plug on the wall mounting and dosing system, which is also self-locking. This means that the system always remains closed, even when changing chemicals.

Ground clearance and cleanliness
Unlike canisters, which stand in the way on the floor, the Bag-in-Box containers hang neatly and attractively on the wall in sturdy stainless steel boxes. This frees up space and keeps your plant room clean.

No venting, as the system is closed
Thanks to the chemical reserve in the reserve container, the containers can be changed during operation without air suction. This eliminates the need to bleed the chemical pumps.

Determine chemical consumption yourself (gauging)
The reserve container with measuring scale (10 ml increments) makes it easy to read off the amount of chemicals per wash – cleanly and without chemical loss in the closed system.

Electronic fill level indicator
As an option, the reserve containers can be supplied with electronic fill level sensors (can also be retrofitted). These are either connected directly to the electronics of the tunnel washer or installed independently as external warning systems (e.g. warning lamp). As soon as the chemicals in the reserve tank fall below a critical level, the level sensor triggers an electronic signature and, depending on the connected system, warns you before the wash chemicals finally run out.

Download Prospekt Bag-in-Box