Accurate Marketing

Market Insights

After the initial discussions, we have an idea of the market sector in which you want to offer your product range and how you want to approach customers. We research your customer potential, the competitive environment (product, quality, packaging, placement, pricing) and the preferences in the purchasing behavior of your target group – and derive opportunities for differentiation. We know the success factors of brands in this market segment and are happy to work with you to develop a positioning that clearly sets you apart.

Product Range

All findings are incorporated into a product range proposal that is tailored to your customers and meets their expectations – or creates new demand. We are happy to advise you on the selection of formulations from a pool of tried and tested products. At the same time, we develop and test according to your specific requirements – also exclusively for you. We use our international contacts to select and procure attractive and functional packaging. Our service includes the provision of product information/technical data sheets.

Packaging Concept & Design

In addition to attractive packaging – we offer advice on both individual and differentiated standard solutions – the label is the “window to the customer”. Consumers have clear ideas about what positively influences their purchasing decisions. These need to be taken into account in the overall impression.

Customer Specific Requirements

We adapt to your organizational and operational processes and integrate them into our daily work. We are familiar with working with portals/platforms as well as the use of EDI connections. We are also familiar with the obligation to document QA requirements, specifications/workflow, coordination with regard to sales planning, stocking a fixed quota of products, expert opinions and certificates (if required).

Label Design/Corporate Design

We implement your design on the label and suggest marketing texts – or you provide print templates. We translate the texts into the desired languages and provide expert support during graphic preparation and label printing using the appropriate printing process.

Point of Sale & Sales-boosting activities

As a flanking measure to the product range, sales-promoting activities to raise awareness should not be underestimated. Offering miniatures (familiar from the drugstore business) creates awareness and directs demand towards the original products. Additional sets/packages/kits can also be used to target buyers. You benefit from our creativity and experience. Use our experience and expertise to generate enthusiasm and interest at the point of sale!