PP800 – Flocculant PowerPlus

Particularly powerful special product for flotation or sedimentation of dirt particles

Creating stable flakes that can be removed from the water by filtration, flocculation or sedimentation, the flocculant provides an optimal cleaning of the waste water. It avoids sulphate reduction and hence bad odours like hydrogen sulphide. Additionally, it improves the chemical oxygen demand (COD-value) and prevents plant corrosion due to lower salt loads.

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Product features

  • extra powerful
  • binds dirt particles in strong flakes
  • for easy removal of impurities
  • stops bad smells being produced in the process water
  • reduces the oxygen demand (COD level)
  • protects against corrosion


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 3
  • Density: 1,21
  • Colour: clear
  • Scent: characteristic
  • Frost resistance: + 4 °C

Application / dosage


Add undiluted to the water cycle via the dosing pump, so that a good mixing is guaranteed (e.g. in the chain chamber). Consumption approx. 10 – 15 ml of the concentrate per vehicle, depending on the degree of contamination.