A private label success story

IS THERE LOVE BETWEEN MAN AND MACHINE? “Yes,” say Gerhard Pletschacher and Dustin Weidenhiller. Their Munich-based start-up provides the proof. GentleMonkeys wet wipes is the name of the product that emerged from their passion for their machines. It revolutionises the cleaning of your bicycle, motorbike, car, vintage car, camper or boat. Without any water, anywhere, anytime.

In 2017, Gerhard Pletschacher rides a motorbike again for the first time after a 30-year break and falls madly in love with a Harley Davidson in the same year. He gives her a name – she is now called Emmy. In order to give her the appropriate care, he buys countless care products. The expense and the result frustrate him. In a conversation with the experienced classic car and motorbike enthusiast, Dustin Weidenhiller, he gives vent to his displeasure. The experienced mechanic shares his opinion and the two of them make the recognised problem their own.

It is the birth of GentleMonkeys. In the same year, together with a chemical company specialising in vehicle cleaning, they begin to develop large-scale wet cleaning cloths that clean, care for and seal almost all smooth surfaces on and in a vehicle. They are putting all their eggs in one basket to realise their vision of sustainable, simple and comprehensive vehicle care.

We are the chemical company specialising in vehicle cleaning: Dr.Stöcker

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