Wheel Rim Cleaner

Dr.Stöcker rim cleaners turn your customers’ rims into eye-catchers again

A perfect and satisfying car wash is defined not least by the cleanliness of the wheel rims. The rims are an important eye-catcher and make a decisive contribution to the overall appearance of the vehicle. Dr.Stöcker rim cleaners turn your customers’ rims into eye-catchers again. During pre-cleaning, they are particularly effective at removing stubborn dirt such as brake pad abrasion and road grime. In addition to powerful cleaning, the contained corrosion protection effectively protects safety-relevant components such as wheel and rim bolts.

The Dr.Stöcker tip: Clean rims after vehicle cleaning are a must for satisfied customers. Use Dr.Stöcker rim cleaners to offer your car wash customers the optimum service package for vehicle cleaning. Do not allow products to dry out and allow very hot rims to cool down first. Pre-damaged rims must not be treated with the products. Depending on the cleaner, only spray alkali- or acid-resistant parts of the vehicle. After a maximum exposure time of one minute, rinse off the product with plenty of clean water.

The advantages of Dr.Stöcker

  • Powerful cleaning, even for stressed wheel rims
  • Removes even stubborn dirt
  • High dirt-carrying capacity
  • Corrosion protection for wheel and rim bolts


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