FT100 – Active Wheel Rim Cleaner forte

Alkaline special cleaner for the removal of persistent dirt

This high-performance cleaner even removes persistent dirt like the abrasions from brake pads as well as road salt. It provides outstanding properties against crusted mud and general road dirt and also contains a special corrosion protection for wheel rims. It comes along with a pleasant scent. Double concentrated, very efficient. Not suitable for anodized or foiled rims.

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Bag-in-Box, 20 l540042
Can, 25 l540012

Other container types on request.
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Product features

  • alkaline
  • only approx. 20 ml consumption per vehicle
  • with pleasant scent
  • for stubborn dirt and road salt
  • with corrosion protection for wheel and rim bolts
  • not for anodised or foiled rims
  • acid-free


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 13
  • Density: 1,14
  • Colour: light clear to slightly cloudy
  • Scent: characteristic
  • Frost resistance: + 4 °C

Application / dosage


Cool heated rims with water beforehand. Consumption approx. 20 ml concentrate per vehicle.

Max. Application time

If the surface temperature is high, it is essential that the surface cools down.
Do not allow the product to dry!