SP203 – Pre-Cleaner Red Berry Pro

Strong-alkaline, very fast-acting and pleasantly scented pre-cleaner that prevents limescale and slime build-up in pipes

The innovative cleaner with a pleasant fragrance acts extremely quickly and yet is gentle on the material. Precleaner Red Berry removes even problematic dirt such as statically adhering dirt layers, bird droppings and dried insect residues. This makes it ideal for soaking pre-spray bows or lances and high-pressure machines. The included water softener protects equipment from limescale buildup. Convincing above all by eye-catching foam formation. Lime and slime protection effect: In the case of washing water with a high lime content, slime and lime build-up in valve blocks and pipes can occur in conjunction with washing chemicals. Products with the protective formula against calcification and slime build-up can prevent this effect.

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Bag-in-Box, 20 l666942
Can, 25 l666112

Other container types on request.
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Product features

  • pleasant fragrance
  • fast acting
  • gentle to the material
  • also for problematic dirt
  • perfect for soaking pre-spray bends, lances and high-pressure units
  • with water softener
  • excellent foam formation
  • lime and slime protection effect


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 13,5
  • Density: 1,11
  • Colour: red, clear
  • Scent: characteristic
  • Frost resistance: + 4 °C

Application / dosage


Dosage in the pre-spray arc 2-3 %, in the pre-spray lance for insect removal 4 to 8 %, for problem soiling such as tree resin or dried bird droppings 8 to 10 %.
Dosage for manual rim cleaning: Dilute concentrate 1:6 – 1:10 (chemical: water). Spray on rims, allow cleaner to act, clean rims and rinse with water. Mechanical rim cleaning: 7 – 15 %. Use with high-pressure machines. Application concentration depending on soiling: 0.5-5%.

Max. Application time

If the surface temperature is high, it is essential that the surface cools down.
Do not allow the product to dry!