Acidic cleaner for the removal of cement and scale residues

Fosgalon TC Z is a highly concentrated acid-based professional cleaner. Especially for the removal of inorganic soiling, cement and scale residues. For use on all acid-resistant surfaces of construction and silo vehicles, as well as on rims. Highly concentrated, biodegradable. Neutralisation must take place (Dr.Stöcker pH regulator special) before introduction into service water circuits with biological treatment.

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BildContainerItem numberQuantity
Barrel, 200 litres652428
Can, 25 l652412
IBC, 1000 l652429

Other container types on request.
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Product features

  • highly concentrated
  • biodegradable
  • material-friendly
  • neutralisation must take place (Dr.Stöcker pH regulator) before discharge into service water circuits with biological treatment


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 0,3
  • Density: ca. 1,1 g/ml
  • Colour: light, clear
  • Scent: pungent
  • Frost resistance: bis zu +4 °C

Application / dosage


Fosgalon TC Z should be diluted according to the instructions (never use undiluted). Spray the cleaning solution from the bottom to the top of the surfaces to be cleaned, allow to react briefly, rework with a brush if needed and then rinse with enough water. Do not use on hot surfaces!

Application concentration:
Light soiling 1:10
Moderate soiling 1:3 – 1:5
Stubborn soiling 1:1

Max. Application time

Do not apply on hot surfaces!
Do not allow the product to dry!