Highly alkaline concentrate, universally applicable

FOSGALON TI 50 has an effective and fast cleaning power and dissolves various food residues, chemical raw and auxiliary materials such as glues, additives and resins as well as bulk materials such as animal meal and plastic granulates. FOSGALON TI 50 is material-friendly in its effectiveness. In combination with its excellent dirt-holding capacity, it prevents re-deposits on the walls. The detached dirt particles can be removed without any problems during the rinsing process. Double concentrate, extremely economical. NTA-free and suitable for biological water treatment.

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Product features

  • prevents re-accumulation on walls
  • provides excellent dirt-holding capacity
  • detached dirt particles can be easily removed during the rinsing process
  • extremely economical
  • biodegradable
  • without dyes and perfumes
  • suitable for biological water treatment


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 13,5
  • Density: ca. 1,17 g/ml
  • Colour: hellgelb
  • Scent: arttypisch
  • Frost resistance: bis zu +4 °C

Application / dosage


Use with high-pressure devices or foam lances/spray heads. Application concentration depending on soiling: 0.5-1%.

Undiluted or pre-diluted with water 1:20 – depending on soiling. In the case of heavy soiling, it is recommended to steam the surface to be treated for approx. 10 minutes. Rinse with water.

Max. Application time

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