P201 – Active Pre-Spray-Cleaner Plus

Mild-alkaline pre-cleaner for pre-sprayers, which is proven not to cause paint damage

The higher cleaning power has been adapted to the needs of the alternative washing materials and effectively supports the cleaning in the car wash. Water softener, dispersing agent and anti-scale protection do the rest to get the best out of your car wash.

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EasyPack, 4 x 5 l657120

Other container types on request.
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Product features

  • mild-alkaline
  • better concentration of use: 1 EasyPack per 50-60 l of water
  • stylish fresh scent
  • perfect for alternative washing materials
  • with water softener, dispersing agent and anti-scale protection for water


Product information
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Technical data

  • pH value: 10
  • Density: 1,05
  • Colour: light, clear
  • Scent: pleasant fresh scent
  • Frost resistance: + 4 °C

Application / dosage


Use as a cleaner in all systems for pre-cleaning before mechanical vehicle washing. The product must be pre-diluted with water and is usually used in pre-spray systems in a concentration of 1:10 to 1:12 (chemical:water). Upgraded concentration of usage – equals one EasyPack to 50 – 60 l of water.

Max. Application time

If the surface temperature is high, it is essential that the surface cools down.
Do not allow the product to dry!