Better for the environment – more environmentally friendly car wash chemicals

The ECOPRO range of car wash chemicals has not only been awarded the NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL environmental label, but also offers the water-saving AQUALIFE effect.

The NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL is one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world and is based on a holistic approach. This means that all relevant environmental parameters are taken into account throughout the entire product life cycle; from raw materials, production and use to reuse, recycling and disposal.

In this way, the NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL promotes a circular economy, the efficient use of resources and biodiversity – and is committed to reducing climate pollution and banning the use of harmful chemicals.

Products with integrated AQUALIFE technology act as concentrated feed for microbiology in the biological process water cycle. This reduces turbidity and keeps the water clear. In addition, the iron content and chemical oxygen demand are reduced. This means you can use your process water for much longer and save precious fresh water. Bad odours also disappear.

Download ECOPRO Folder with AQUALIFE Effect


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