The high-end wash chemistry series

With ALPHA, Dr.Stöcker is introducing the next evolutionary stage in professional vehicle washing. The newly developed wash chemistry series with the innovative ALPHA technology not only offers superior cleaning and care power as well as a uniform fragrance – ALPHA also conserves valuable water resources. ALPHA thus sets new standards for cleanliness, shine and sustainability with its perfectly harmonised products.

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Perfection in every single drop

Superior cleaning and care power: An innovative ALPHA booster maximises the performance of every product, ensuring sparkling clean and shiny wash results.

Consistent fragrance: The fragrance component contained in all products exudes a refreshingly pleasant lavender breeze that turns the entire washing process with ALPHA into a unique fragrance experience.

Conservation of water resources: In addition to the most efficient ingredients with the highest possible biodegradability, ALPHA products are characterised by a significant reduction in water treatment. Innovative ALPHA components prevent the usual cross-reactions between cleaning and care products in process water. This ensures less residue in the pipes and, under optimum conditions, also extends the use of the process water.

Ideally matched products: In the IT world, the more harmonised a system is, the more secure it is. In contrast to open source programmes, such systems offer the great advantage that the individual system components are ideally matched to each other. All seven series products are optimised in such a way that they guarantee maximum protection of the process water and the best wash results in the long term when used continuously in the car wash and in the self-service area.


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